Worldview: Kenya's elections, Mexico's teachers' union, human rights on video and gardens in the city

March 5, 2013


Worldview: Kenya's elections, Mexico's teachers' union, human rights on video and gardens in the city

Millions of Kenyans went to the polls on Monday to vote in presidential elections. The head of Mexico's teachers' union is arrested for embezzling. Social media tools are being used for documenting human rights abuses worldwide. Worldview hears from the head of The Peterson Garden Project.

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Candidate accused of crimes against humanity leads in Kenyan polls

Although results are not final, there is a chance acandidate accused of financing death squads could win Kenya's election. Worldview checks in withJeffrey Gettleman, the East Africa bureau chief for The New York Times, who has been covering the story.

Early Tally Shows Kenyatta Ahead in Kenya VoteNAIROBI, Kenya - Uhuru Kenyatta, a Kenyan politician who has been charged by the International Criminal Court with crimes against humanit...
In Mexico, a teachers' union leader charged with embezzling millions

While Chicago communities try to figure out what it will mean if their schools are closed, a different debate is brewing in Mexico. Last week, the leader of Mexico’s  teachers’ union--one of the most powerful in all of Latin America--was arrested on charges of embezzling millions of dollars in union funds. Her arrest came just after a set of sweeping education reforms aimed at breaking the union’s powerful hold on public education in Mexico. John Ackerman, a law professor at the Institute for Legal Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and columnist at La Jornada newspaper and Proceso magazine as well as a frequent contributor to US media, explains what this means for the future of the union and Mexico's education system in general.
Mexican union boss must stay in jail pending trial: judgeCredit: Reuters/Federal Judicial Council of Mexico/Handout Elba Esther Gordillo, leader of Mexico's teacher's union, listens as Mexican a...

YouTube joins the fight for human rights

Witness, the human rights watchdog group, has created a new resource for monitoring and documenting human rights abuses and crimes around the world. The “Human Rights Channel” is a project of YouTube, Witness and Storyful. The channel curates and contextualizes verified citizen video of human rights issues. The channel’s curator, Madeleine Blair, tells Worldview about the project.

WITNESS and Storyful Announce New YouTube Channel For Human Rights : Video For ChangeWITNESS is pleased to announce The Human Rights Channel, a new channel on YouTube. In collaboration with Storyful, the channel is a platf...
EcoHeroes: The Peterson Garden Project

Worldview talks with LaManda Joy, founder and president of The Peterson Garden Project. The Project asks vacant lot owners around Chicago for permission to use their properties to plant urban gardens. Their work has transformed various parts of the city. 
Ready, Set, Garden: Registration Opens for Peterson Garden Project - ChicagoLINCOLN SQUARE - Growing your own food has never been trendier or more advisable (see: U.K. horesemeat scandal), but unfortunately it req...