Worldview: South Korea's new leader, Mexico's new disappeared and Italy's dizzying elections

February 26, 2013


Worldview: South Korea's new leader, Mexico's new disappeared and rounding up Italy's election

Park Geun-hye was inaugurated as South Korea’s first female president on Monday. Human Rights Watch reveals possible abuses by Mexico's former leadership. Italy's elections see a narrow victory for the left, but a spectacular showing for an upstart movement.

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SouthKorea’s new leader

Many SouthKoreans feel a certain kinship with their new leader, whose authoritarianfather ruled the fledgling nation from 1961 to 1979. In an op-ed for the NewYork Times, journalist and novelist Suki Kim ponders why so many SouthKoreans have become nostalgic for an era marked by human rights abuses. Shejoins Worldview to discuss the new president.

South Korea's New National Mother FigureTHE inauguration of South Korea's first female president, Park Geun-hye, on Monday is a trip down memory lane for most South Koreans - es...

A recent report by Human Rights Watch says that some 250 people were “disappeared” at the hands of Mexico’s police and military under former president Felipe Calderón. The group says the government has done little to investigate the cases. We’ll discuss the findings with Nik Steinberg, senior researcher on the Americas for Human Rights Watch.
Mexico: Crisis of Enforced Disappearances | Human Rights Watch(Mexico City) - Mexico's security forces have participated in widespread enforced disappearances, Human Rights Watch said in a report rel...
Italian elections

The polls have closed in Italy but the ballots are still being counted and it’s unclear at this moment whether any one party will garner enough votes to form a coalition and govern the country. Comedian Beppe Grillo, the leader of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, has vowed he would not go into the government as part of a coalition with any of the main political parties. He has already gotten at least 25 percent of the vote.  Stocks fell on Monday with the markets jittery at the prospect of a government opposed to some of the economic reforms put in place during the last year. Luigi Zingales, one of the founders of the Italian political party Act to Stop the Decline, takes apart the election results.
Italy deadlock after protest voteItaly's parliamentary elections have ended in stalemate and the possibility of a hung parliament. With nearly all the votes counted, the ...